All the work I do stems from an acceptance that emotions like anger, sadness, and anxiety are normal responses to stress and not a deficiency or weakness"

Individual Therapy

“Sometimes kids just need a safe place to get it out by having an adult sounding board, besides their parents, to explore their lives"

  • Identify emotional conflicts and triggers
  • Combat negative thoughts
  • Develop coping strategies
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Take control and ownership of their life socially and academically

Parent Guidance 

“Parenting is hard and full of doubts. Sometimes just having reassurance that you’re going in the right direction makes all the difference.

  • Know when to set limits and when to foster independence
  • Improve emotional awareness in parents
  • Improve communication with kids
  • Cope with the anxiety and stress of parenting

Family Therapy

“Every person in a family contributes to how the family functions, sometimes having everyone in a room together is the quickest way to solve problems."

  • Reduce tension and stress in the home
  • Improve communication 
  • Explore new viewpoints

Group Therapy

“Kids always feel alone in their problems. Groups are a great way for kids to experience the world through the eyes of their peers.

  • Examine life through a social lens
  • Practice new social strategies with peers in a safe space
  • Build new supports

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